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Is lye a Scrabble word?

Yes. The word lye is a Scrabble US word. The word lye is worth 6 points in Scrabble:


Is lye a Scrabble UK word?

Yes. The word lye is a Scrabble UK word and has 6 points:


Is lye a Words With Friends word?

Yes. The word lye is a Words With Friends word. The word lye is worth 6 points in Words With Friends (WWF):


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Valid words made from Lye

You can make 5 words from 'lye' in our Scrabble US and Canada dictionary.

3 letters words from 'lye'


2 letters words from 'lye'

EL 2YE 5

All 3 letters words made out of lye

lye yle ley ely yel eyl

Note: these 'words' (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word lye. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in lye.

Definitions and meaning of lye



  • IPA(key): /laɪ/
  • Rhymes: -aɪ
  • Homophones: lie, lai

Etymology 1

From Old English lēag, from Proto-Germanic *laugō, from Proto-Indo-European *lewh₃- (to wash).


lye (countable and uncountable, plural lyes)

  1. An alkaline liquid made by leaching ashes (usually wood ashes).
  2. Potassium or sodium hydroxide (caustic soda).
Derived terms
  • lyed


lye (third-person singular simple present lyes, present participle lyeing or lying, simple past and past participle lyed)

  1. To treat with lye.

Further reading

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Etymology 2

(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium.)


lye (plural lyes)

  1. (UK, rail transport) A short side line, connected with the main line; a turn-out; a siding.

Etymology 3


lye (third-person singular simple present lyes, present participle lying, simple past lay, past participle lain or layn)

  1. Obsolete spelling of lie.
    • 1654, John Donne, Loves Diet
      Now negligent of sports I lye,
      And now as other Fawkners use,
      I spring a mistresse, sweare, write, sigh and weepe:
      And the game kill'd, or lost, goe talk, and sleepe.


“lye” in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.


  • Ely, Ley, ley, yel

Norwegian Nynorsk

Etymology 1

From Old Norse hlýja, from the adjective hlýr.

Alternative forms

  • lya (a infinitive)


lye (present tense lyer, past tense lydde, past participle lydd/lytt, passive infinitive lyast, present participle lyande, imperative ly)

  1. to warm up, give off warmth

Etymology 2


lye (present tense lyar or lyer, past tense lya or lydde, past participle lya or lydd, present participle lyande)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of lyde.

Etymology 3

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.



  1. inflection of ly:
    1. definite singular
    2. plural


  • “lye” in The Nynorsk Dictionary.


  • Lye, yle

  • a strongly alkaline solution obtained by leaching.
    (source: Collins Scrabble Dictionary)