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Is tax a Scrabble word?

Yes. The word tax is a Scrabble US word. The word tax is worth 10 points in Scrabble:


Is tax a Scrabble UK word?

Yes. The word tax is a Scrabble UK word and has 10 points:


Is tax a Words With Friends word?

Yes. The word tax is a Words With Friends word. The word tax is worth 10 points in Words With Friends (WWF):


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Valid words made from Tax

You can make 4 words from 'tax' in our Scrabble US and Canada dictionary.

3 letters words from 'tax'

TAX 10 

2 letters words from 'tax'

AT 2AX 9
TA 2 

All 3 letters words made out of tax

tax atx txa xta axt xat

Note: these 'words' (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word tax. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in tax.

Definitions and meaning of tax



  • enPR: tăks, IPA(key): /tæks/
  • Homophone: tacks
  • Rhymes: -æks

Etymology 1

From Middle English taxe, from Anglo-Norman tax and Old French taxe, from Medieval Latin taxa.


tax (countable and uncountable, plural taxes)

  1. Money paid to the government other than for transaction-specific goods and services.
    Synonyms: impost, tribute, contribution, duty, toll, rate, assessment, exaction, custom, demand, levy
    Antonym: subsidy
  2. (figuratively, uncountable) A burdensome demand.
  3. A task exacted from one who is under control; a contribution or service, the rendering of which is imposed upon a subject.
  4. (obsolete) charge; censure
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  5. (obsolete) A lesson to be learned.
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Coordinate terms
Derived terms


  • Tok Pisin: takis
    • Rotokas: takisi


Etymology 2

From Middle English taxen, from Anglo-Norman taxer (to impose a tax), from Latin taxāre, present active infinitive of taxō (I handle”, “I censure”, “I appraise”, “I compute).


tax (third-person singular simple present taxes, present participle taxing, simple past and past participle taxed)

  1. (transitive) To impose and collect a tax from (a person or company).
  2. (transitive) To impose and collect a tax on (something).
  3. (transitive) To make excessive demands on.
  4. (transitive) To accuse.
  5. (transitive) To examine accounts in order to allow or disallow items.
Derived terms
  • taxable
  • taxation


  • ATX, Axt, xat


Alternative forms

  • tuxtax



  1. an onomatopoeia expressing the sound of blows, whack, crack


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Northern Kurdish


  • IPA(key): /tɑːx/


tax f (Arabic spelling تاخ‎)

  1. district, neighborhood, quarter
  2. district, region


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  • Homophone: tacks


tax c

  1. a dachshund (dog breed)


  • TAWTIE, (Scots) matted, tangled.
    (source: Collins Scrabble Dictionary)