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What does yus mean? Is yus a Scrabble word?

How many points in Scrabble is yus worth? yus how many points in Words With Friends? What does yus mean? Get all these answers on this page.

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Is yus a Scrabble word?

Yes. The word yus is a Scrabble US word. The word yus is worth 6 points in Scrabble:


Is yus a Scrabble UK word?

Yes. The word yus is a Scrabble UK word and has 6 points:


Is yus a Words With Friends word?

The word yus is NOT a Words With Friends word.

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Valid words made from Yus

You can make 3 words from 'yus' in our Scrabble US and Canada dictionary.

3 letters words from 'yus'

YUS 6 

2 letters words from 'yus'

US 2YU 5

All 3 letters words made out of yus

yus uys ysu syu usy suy

Note: these 'words' (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word yus. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in yus.

Definitions and meaning of yus


Etymology 1

Dialectal form of yes.



  1. (dialectal) Alternative form of yes.
    • 1892, from Punch, or The London Charivari:
      Yus, to live in dirt, I feel is a `orrid degradation; but one thing I'd like to know, is it wus than living on it?
    • 1922, Edward J. O'Brien and John Cournos, compilers and editors, The Best British Short Stories of 1922:
      Wych Street? Yus, of course I knoo Wych Street. Used to go there with some of the boys -- when I was Covent Garden way.

Etymology 2

Russian юс (jus), from Old Church Slavonic ѫсъ (ǫsŭ, big yus)

Alternative forms

  • jus


yus (plural yuses)

  1. Either of two letters, little yus (Ѧ) and big yus (Ѫ), representing nasal vowel sounds in the Cyrillic alphabet. The only major Slavic language retaining these sounds is Polish, which is written in the Latin alphabet.

Etymology 3

See yu.



  1. plural of yu

Source: wiktionary.org
  • (Russian) a Mongolian felt tent.
    (source: Collins Scrabble Dictionary)