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Is oozy a Scrabble word?

Yes. The word oozy is a Scrabble US word. The word oozy is worth 16 points in Scrabble:


Is oozy a Scrabble UK word?

Yes. The word oozy is a Scrabble UK word and has 16 points:


Is oozy a Words With Friends word?

Yes. The word oozy is a Words With Friends word. The word oozy is worth 15 points in Words With Friends (WWF):


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Valid words made from Oozy

You can make 6 words from 'oozy' in our Scrabble US and Canada dictionary.

4 letters words from 'oozy'

OOZY 16 

3 letters words from 'oozy'

ZOO 12 

2 letters words from 'oozy'

OO 2OY 5
YO 5ZO 11

All 4 letters words made out of oozy

oozy oozy ozoy zooy ozoy zooy ooyz ooyz oyoz yooz oyoz yooz ozyo zoyo oyzo yozo zyoo yzoo ozyo zoyo oyzo yozo zyoo yzoo

Note: these 'words' (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word oozy. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in oozy.

Definitions and meaning of oozy



ooze +‎ -y


  • IPA(key): /ˈuːzi/
  • Homophone: uzi
  • Rhymes: -uːzi


oozy (comparative oozier, superlative ooziest)

  1. Of or pertaining to the quality of something that oozes.
    • A daughter?
      Oh heauens, that they were liuing both in Nalpes
      The King and Queene there, that they were, I wish
      My selfe were mudded in that oo-zie bed
      Where my sonne lies: when did you lose your daughter?
    • 1844, Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, Chapter Thirteen, [1]
      [The rain] fell with an oozy, slushy sound among the grass; and made a muddy kennel of every furrow in the ploughed fields.
    • 1912, James Stephens, Mary, Mary (published in the UK as The Charwoman's Daughter), New York: Boni & Liveright, Chapter XXIV, p. 175, [2]
      Her vocabulary could not furnish her with the qualifying word, or rather, epithet for his bigness. Horrible was suggested and retained, but her instinct clamored that there was a fat, oozy word somewhere which would have brought comfort to her brains and her hands and feet.
    • 1918, Rabindranath Tagore, Nationalism, London: Macmillan & Co., p. 38, [3]
      Each country is casting its net of espionage into the slimy bottom of the others, fishing for their secrets, the treacherous secrets which brew in the oozy depths of diplomacy.
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt, New York: P.F. Collier & Son, Chapter IX, I, p. 123, [4]
      [] he gulped down a chill and glutinous slice of the ice-cream brick, and cocoanut cake as oozy as shaving-cream.
    • 2015, Vincent Giroud, Nicolas Nabokov: A Life in Freedom and Music, Oxford University Press, Chapter 1, [5]
      On birthdays and saints' days, Jewish musicians from the local community were invited to perform festive music and played "an extraordinary variety of music: potpourris of famous operas, military marches, Viennese waltzes, and the ooziest gypsy songs and Jewish dances, rampant with glissandos, tremolos, and tearful vibratos."

Source: wiktionary.org
  • oozing.
    (source: Collins Scrabble Dictionary)