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Is clad a Scrabble word?

Yes. The word clad is a Scrabble US word. The word clad is worth 7 points in Scrabble:


Is clad a Scrabble UK word?

Yes. The word clad is a Scrabble UK word and has 7 points:


Is clad a Words With Friends word?

Yes. The word clad is a Words With Friends word. The word clad is worth 9 points in Words With Friends (WWF):


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Valid words made from Clad

You can make 10 words from 'clad' in our Scrabble US and Canada dictionary.

4 letters words from 'clad'


3 letters words from 'clad'

LAD 4 

2 letters words from 'clad'

AD 3AL 2
DA 3LA 2

All 4 letters words made out of clad

clad lcad cald acld lacd alcd clda lcda cdla dcla ldca dlca cadl acdl cdal dcal adcl dacl ladc aldc ldac dlac adlc dalc

Note: these 'words' (valid or invalid) are all the permutations of the word clad. These words are obtained by scrambling the letters in clad.

Definitions and meaning of clad



From Middle English cladde, yclad (clad, literally clothed), from Old English ġeclǣdd, ġeclǣþd and ġeclāded, perfect and past participle of Old English clǣþan, clāþian (to clothe). Compare Icelandic klædd, klætt (clothed, dressed) from klæða (to clothe).


  • IPA(key): /klæd/
  • Rhymes: -æd


clad (third-person singular simple present clads, present participle cladding, simple past and past participle clad or cladded)

  1. (past tense clad) To clothe.
    • 1478, Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, General Prologue, 101-104, [1]
      A YEMAN hadde he and servantz namo / At that tyme, for hym liste ride soo; / And he was clad in cote and hood of grene.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto Two, stanza 6, [2]
      At last faire Hesperus in highest skie / Had spent his lampe and brought forth dawning light, / Then up he rose, and clad him hastily; / The Dwarfe him brought his steed: so both away do fly.
    • c. 1592, Christopher Marlowe, Edward II, Act I, Scene 1, [3]
      Music and poetry is his delight; / Therefore I'll have Italian masks by night, / Sweet speeches, comedies, and pleasing shows; / And in the day, when he shall walk abroad, / Like sylvan nymphs my pages shall be clad;
    • c. 1600, William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act I, Scene 1, [4]
      But look, the morn, in russet mantle clad, / Walks o’er the dew of yon high eastward hill.
    • 1611, Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, 1 Kings 11:29, [5]
      And it came to pass at that time when Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem, that the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite found him in the way; and he had clad himself with a new garment; and they two were alone in the field;
    • 1726, Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels, Part III, Chapter II, [6]
      Those to whom the king had entrusted me, observing how ill I was clad, ordered a tailor to come next morning, and take measure for a suit of clothes.
    • 1798, William Wordsworth, "We Are Seven" in William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lyrical Ballads, [7]
      She had a rustic, woodland air, / And she was wildly clad; / Her eyes were fair, and very fair, / —He beauty made me glad.
    • 1875, Patrick Smollett, Hansard, 7 April, 1875, [8]
      Those ladies came over to champion "Woman's rights," and proclaim the equality of the sexes; and to show they had a right to do so, they assumed, or rather usurped male attire—they clad themselves in breeches
    • 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot Chapter VIII,
      But what interested me most was the slender figure of a dainty girl, clad only in a thin bit of muslin which scarce covered her knees--a bit of muslin torn and ragged about the lower hem.
    • 2009, Lester D. Langley, Simón Bolívar: Venezuelan Rebel, American Revolutionary, Rowman & Littlefield, Chapter 4, p. 75,
      His followers were neither ideologues nor philosophers nor clerics but shabbily clad fifteen-year-olds who looked twice their age []
  2. (past tense clad or cladded) To cover (with insulation or another material); to surround, envelop.
    • 1596, Thomas Lodge, Dedication, A Margarite of America, in Clara Gebert (ed.), An Anthology of Elizabethan Dedications and Prefaces, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1933, p. 115, [9]
      [] many bitter and extreme frosts at midsummer continually clothe and clad the discomfortable mountaines []
    • 1674, John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VII, 313-6, [10]
      He scarce had said, when the bare earth, till then / Desert and bare, unsightly, unadorned, / Brought forth the tender grass whose verdure clad / Her universal face with pleasant green,
    • 1896, Fiona Macleod, The Washer of the Ford and Other Legendary Moralities, New York: Duffield & Co., 1910, p. 297, Chapter 6, [11]
      Naked she was, though clad with soft white moonlight.
    • 1972, B. W. Lifka and D. O. Sprowls, "Significance of Intergranular Corrosion in High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Products" in Localized Corrosion — Cause of Metal Failure, American Society for Testing and Materials, Special Technical Publication 516, p. 122, [12]
      Subsequently E. H. Dix, Jr., at Alcoa Research Laboratories established methods to metallurgically clad commercial aluminum to both sides of a 2017-T4 (then known as 17S-T) sheet to obtain outstanding corrosion protection.
  3. (figuratively) To imbue (with a specified quality)
    • 1559, "The forme of Ordering of Priests" in The Book of Common Prayer,
      Most merciful Father, we beseech thee so to send upon these thy servantes thy heavenly blessing, that they may bee clad about with all justice []
    • 1599, Thomas Dekker, Old Fortunatus, Act V, Scene 2, [13]
      O folly, thou hast power to make flesh glad, / When the rich soul in wretchedness is clad.
    • 1943, Percy Harris, Hansard, 26 May, 1943, [14]
      The other day I was looking up some records of the Parliamentary Debates of the past, and I found my hon. Friend the Member for Dundee (Mr. Foot), who is now clad in all the majesty of a Minister and sits on the Treasury bench without regard to his murky past, moved a Motion on one of those pleasant Fridays []
    • 1976, Saul Bellow, To Jerusalem and Back, New York: Viking, p. 37,
      He is one of those bulky men clad in sensitivity.
  4. (archaic) simple past tense and past participle of clothe



clad (not comparable)

  1. (in compounds) Wearing clothing of a specified type.
  2. (in compounds) Covered, enveloped in or surrounded by a specified material or substance.


  • (wearing clothes): dressed, raimented; see also Thesaurus:clothed


Derived terms


  • DACL

  • to cover one material with another.
    (source: Collins Scrabble Dictionary)